Persons who are wedding or who are living in the Province of Québec should be aware of their rights and responsibilities as spouses. As people are often unaware of the legal ramifications involving marriage and divorce, Isaacson, Levy & Steinberg, Notaries are the professionals to turn to for all the legal counsel you will require where marriage is concerned. Persons who are married, or who are planning to marry, may also make a marriage contract which will establish the rights and responsibilities of each spouse in the marriage. The marriage contract must be recorded by a notary for the province of Québec. Let Isaacson, Levy & Steinberg, Notaries counsel you about all your marriage questions. Isaacson, Levy & Steinberg, Notaries has experience celebrating marriages, filing all the legal paperwork and presiding over the ceremony when a couple has opted for a secular marriage. Let Isaacson, Levy & Steinberg, Notaries help you celebrate your marriage with your friends and loved ones.

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